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ECEA Bright Foundation

Review our sponsorship opportunities and find out about the tax benefits of donating.

ECEA Bright Foundation supports various charitable projects across the state of Colorado. Our projects aim to provide innovative trainings and business consulting for early childhood education programs. Through our efforts, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of young children and their families.  These sponsorship opportunities allow you and your company to provide specific, tangible supports to the industry that supports the economy as a whole.  

For donating, our Partner, the Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado will recognize your donation in their ECEA Child Care Update, including your business logo and business website.   This update reaches nearly 5,000 people a week!


Why Donate?

Let us tell you about the impact your funds can have statewide!

Child Care Tax Contribution Credit

Our foundation has been approved as  a registered child care program to enable you to receive this tax contribution credit for the trainings we offer.  This tax credit makes your donations and the services that ECEA Bright Foundation offers, a perfect match!  Maximize the impact of your donation.  Taxpayers may make a qualified monetary contribution to promote child care in Colorado and claim a Colorado income tax credit up to $100,000 per year for 50% of the total contribution.  This cannot exceed your tax liability.  Donate TODAY to make a difference.

Screenshot 2023-06-19 124242.jpg

Donate via check to ECEA Bright Foundation, you can send it to us at:

PO Box 336054

Greeley, CO 80633


We are using Zeffy so that 100% of your donation counts! 

We will provide you with the DR1317 "Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Certification" for you to attach to this years income tax return.  We will also let you know what specific impacts your donations have had in partnership with our Foundation!

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