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Impacts on the State Business Economy

7/7/23, 1:30 PM

September 2023 is the end of funding supports for the child care industry. Although we don't agree with all of the points made on this infographic, we do know that ANY decline in child care programs has a negative effect of business and the overall state economy.

From May to June 2023, we had 40 child care programs close, losing 1441 child care programs.  25 new programs opened, making up 741 spaces.  That's a net loss of 15 programs and 700 spaces statewide.  

Why do programs close? Many just need help and support!  They need to know that they are not alone and that there are solutions to the business issues that they are facing.  ECEA Bright Foundation can do this in partnership with your company!   Please make a donation today so that we can support more programs!

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